Parts & Accessories

(1) Handle (2) Control Panel (3) Up & Down Blade (4) Front Air Outlet (5) LED Light, 

(6) Filter [4 unit] (7) Side Air Inlet (8) Back Air Outlet (9) Drain (10) Side Cover Cap

*Remote Controller's Battery (CR2025) is not provided

Control Panel & Operating



*Set the time delay to prevent reckless operation of the button touch

Product Use Environment

Installation Method

<Common Use>

  • Please use the product on a flat surface 
  • Make sure the product is not tilted or placed upside down when using it at any time.
  • For smooth drainage, use the drain hose with the end facing down without twisting.
  • Keep the exhaust and air inlets clear and prevent external objects from blocking or inhaling.

<Outdoor Use>

  • It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight. 
  • Please be careful of ventilation. Make sure all the doors and windows are closed when using the product.

<Indoor Use>

  • When NEOAMICO is working and the air duct is not connected, make sure that there is no obstruction in the exhaust air inlet and outlet at least 30cm. 
  • When using a drain water bottle, make sure that the end of the drain hose is not submerged. 

Accessories Connection

Front Air Extension Hose Connection

  • This accessory blows cold wind into the desired location or space. 
  • Please connect according to the order of the pictures.
  • In order to separate, please reverse the order of connection
  • "FRONT" is marked on the Exhaust hose guide.
  • Use the small one of the enclosed exhaust hoses.
  • When connecting the front guide, check both hooks of the guide.

Front Air Extension Hose Remove

Back Exhaust Air Hose Connection

  • It is intended to release heat, so connect it correctly. 
  • In order to separate, please reverse the order of connection. 
  • Use the big one of the enclosed exhaust hoses. 
  • Put the exhaust hose guide into the product until it clicks.

Back Exhaust Air Hose Remove

Adapter Connection

  • NEOAMICO can be operated with a power adapter.
  • Please connect the provided cable and adapter correctly. 
  • Heat may be generated by the adapter when using the product. 

CAUTION:  Do not place the adapter under direct sunlight.

Power Cable Connection

  • Please use the official adapter provided by NEOAMICO.

Product usage environment conditions

  • Please use the cooling mode of the product only at the ambient temperature of 25℃(77℉) or higher.

Drain Tube Connection

  • Secure the drain tube tightly and avoid twisting. 
  • Please make sure that the end of the hose is facing down to allow the water to flow smoothly. 
  • Push the drain hose to the end of the drain of the product. 
  • Take care not to place the drain hose close to the power supply.
  • Do not move the air conditioner immediately after using the air conditioner. 
  • Tilt the air conditioner backward slowly to ensure that the water in the air conditioner is drained.

CAUTION:  If the drain hose is not properly installed, it will not drain and may leak.

Use the Product


  • Please use the product on a flat surface. 
  • Raising the front by more than 3 degrees can cause functional failure and poor performance. 
  • Do not cover the intakes, outlets of the unit, as this could cause damage to the unit. 
  • The heat in the condenser can be also be heated up the back of the product and it is the characteristic of the air conditioner cycle structure as a normal operation.

Product Care and Cleaning

CAUTION:  Before cleaning, make sure to remove the power cord.
                          If you spray water directly onto the product, there is a risk of electric shock.

Product Care

  • Wipe the product with a soft cloth so that it doesn’t scratch.  
  • Do not use flammable liquids or chemicals to clean the unit.
  • Do not wash the unit under running water. Doing so causes electrical danger.

Filter Cleaning

  • It is recommended to clean the filter frequently before and after using the product.
  • The pre-filterer is to filter out dust enter into the product inlet. 
  • Wash the filter under running water, dry it completely, and use it.


  • After removing the power cord, tilt the product backward slowly by 30 degrees to ensure that the water in the product is drained.
  • Use the blowing function to dry the inside of the product sufficiently. 
  • Remove the power plug when not in use for a long time.

Trouble Shooting Tips

Malfunction Diagnostic

Precaution for Using Drain Tube

Product Specifications

Manufacturer : DAEWOO Compressor
Seller  : Golden Pacific Trading Inc.
Call  : +1(858)744-8187
Email :

Customer Service (Warranty)

  • NEOAMICO offers 6 months of free service for parts and maintenance from the purchase date. 
  • If you have any questions about your NEOAMICO product, Please contact us call (E-mail) +1(858)744-8187 ( and inform us of the purchase date and location.
  • Warranty is effective on the purchase date.
  • Providing evidence of initial and any sequential purchase or delivery is necessary upon any settlement such as return. 
  • Keep the receipt and delivery list. 


※ In the following cases, you can not receive warranty services even during the warranty period.

  • Damage due to abnormal voltage or the electricity does not meet the national safety standards.
  • Does not install parts according to NEOAMICO instructions. 
  • Breakdown due to natural disasters. 
  • Failure due to repair or manufacture of products that was not through the agency you purchased or our customer counseling office. 
  • Failure due to product modification by consumers after factory release.
  • Failure caused by not following the content in the product instruction.
  • In the case of requesting a service due to poor performance because the filter was not cleaned regularly.

Return Policy

  • A money-back guarantee is within 30 days from the date of purchase. 
  • If the product is damaged by a customer's mistake or incorrect use, return is impossible.
  • When returning the product, it must be returned including all accessories with the initial product condition.
  • The returning cost of the product must be paid by the customer.

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