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Air Conditioner for Camping

Global TOP 3 
Super mini high-efficiency 
inverter compressor.

With 45 years of development technology and know-how, it shows excellent energy efficiency.

Don't worry about the heat 
even in the hot summer!

No more hot and annoying summer camping. 

With a camping air conditioner, you can now stay cool in & out-doors.

Camping Air Conditioner

It's cool regardless of the time and place.

Air Conditioning Tent

Optimized for 
low noise

Air Conditioner for Camping

Strong turbo cooling

Camping Air Conditioner

Developed and manufactured in Korea

Air Conditioning Tent

Refreshing dehumidification effect

Camping Air Conditioner

Can you use the Air Conditioner in a Tent?

A powerful air conditioner would be appropriate for the tent, and it has to be constantly running to meet the cooling demand. Besides, there is a requirement for some improvement in the tent-like airtightness and additional insulation to keep the tent cool. Visit NEOAMICO USA to get the best camping air conditioner to stay cool in and outdoors. Stay cool and fresh all summer long with an Air Conditioning Tent! The easy-to-operate tent sets up in minutes and has an adjustable thermostat to ensure you're always at the perfect temperature. There's also a mesh door for ventilation and a number of other features that'll keep you comfortable all summer long. By regulating temperature, the Air Conditioner for Camping will also reduce electricity bills.

Does any Portable AC Work in the Tent?

No, an ordinary portable AC can’t work well in a tent; it should be designed to justify the camping requirement. At NEOAMICO USA, we have a wide range of Camping Air Conditioner, so you don’t have to bear hot and annoying summers anymore when you are out.


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